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For more information about leaving a legacy or including us in your will, please contact or call 0808 802 8080

Gifts in wills

Remembering The Women’s Section in your will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support us.

We understand your loved ones must always come first, but once their needs are provided for, a small percentage of whatever’s left can make a real difference to those in need. It costs nothing during your lifetime but will have a powerful impact for years to come.

There are a number of different ways you can remember the Women’s Section in your will, depending on your circumstances.

Leave a fixed sum of money

You may wish to leave us a stated sum of money. This kind of gift is known as a pecuniary bequest.

Leave a share of your asset

A good way to help is to leave us a percentage of what is left of your ‘estate’ (assets) after other gifts and debts have been paid. This type of gift (known as a residuary bequest) is easy to add to an existing will without interfering with any specific sums you have left to family or friends. It also has the advantage that it will not be eroded in value by inflation over the years.

Leave a specific item of value

You may wish to leave us a particular item (known as a specific bequest), which can be sold to support our work. It could be property or an item of value such as an antique or a piece of jewellery. Many people ask us to arrange the clearance of their house after they have passed away

Making or adjusting a will is easier than you might think and we are happy to help with anything you might need so that you can be sure your legacy goes to the people and causes that matter to you.

For more information about leaving a legacy or including us in your will, please email or call 0808 802 8080