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Women’s Section Ambassador to set new Women’s Skydiving World Record

Posted: Oct 9, 2014
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Women's Skydiving World Record 2009The Royal British Legion Women’s Section Ambassador of the Skies, Royal Navy Lieutenant Freddie Huntley, is taking part in a Women’s World Record attempt for the largest sequential skydiving formation.

Lieutenant Huntley, 30, will be flying to California to attend the 2014 Women’s World Record attempt held by the World Air Sports Federation on 12 to 18 October 2014 at Perris Skydiving.

Freddie joined the Warfare Branch of Royal Navy in January 2008. She has served in HMS Ocean, HMS Grimsby, HMS Walney, HMS St Albans and RM Poole; undertaking a deployment to the Far East and three operational tours to the Arabian Gulf. Aware of the good work of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section: to support the serving and ex-service community, Freddie approached them for assistance in June this year. She has since become their Ambassador of the Skies and the founder-member of the Women’s Section Skydiving Branch.

Freddie HuntleyFreddie’s passion for skydiving started 14 years ago when she was given a skydiving course from her family for her 16th birthday. Over the years she has progressed to become a qualified parachute instructor, formation skydiving coach and is now an enthusiastic member of the Army Parachute Association, which supports all three services.

The current skydiving world record is 110 people making two formations in a single skydive (pictured above). This world record attempt is for 120 women to make two formations before they reach the height at which they need to pull their parachutes. If successful, it will be the first Women’s World Record in skydiving since 2009, when 180 women made one formation in a single skydive.

The team of women Freddie is jumping with have been drawn together from across the world and had to successfully complete qualifying events to be part of the attempt, so Freddie feels “immensely proud to be participating”. All jumps will be made from multiple aircraft and at altitudes ranging between 15,000 and 20,000 feet using supplementary oxygen. Freddie will be sporting the Women’s Section logo on the leg of her jump-suit as she flies side-by-side with some of the best skydivers in the world.

“I hope this event can be a platform to raise awareness of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section. I am extremely grateful to the Women’s Section for their support.”

Freddie Huntley skydivingThis event will qualify Freddie (pictured right in red circle) to design large skydiving formations from multiple aircraft for the Army Parachute Association. At the moment there are only two servicemen with this qualification and they are in the Army. This means she will be the first Royal Navy personnel and the first female in the entire British Armed Forces qualified to do this. Freddie has already been asked to join the organisers of this event for a potential Military Freefall Record attempt, which would put her in a position to enable larger Royal Navy involvement.

“I hope my participation in this record attempt will have benefits for the Naval Service beyond me as an individual. I would hope my success might also help to encourage increased female participation in sports parachuting, particularly in the Royal Navy.”

In preparation for the Women’s World Record attempt, Freddie is in the wind tunnel sharpening her flying skills and practicing her parachute control at Netheravon, home of the Army Parachute Association. The event will involve 120 people trying to land in the same place at the same time; collisions are a serious, potentially fatal risk, so it is imperative she is at the top of her skill.

As well as potentially having a world record to her name, Freddie is excited about the opportunity to improve her personal expertise in the sport and would like to encourage more people to get involved.

“I would love to see as many of you as possible doing skydives to raise money for the Women’s Section!”

For more information on skydiving, either solo or in tandem, visit the Army Parachute Association’s website or the British Parachute Association’s website. For those interested in joining the Women’s Section Skydiving Branch to meet with other skydivers and raise money for the Women’s Section please contact Avril Bailey on 0203 207 2192 or email her at