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Kate Keeps on Running

Posted: Sep 18, 2014
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Kate Minto, our Military Wives and Girlfriends Group Vice-Chairman, ran 10k in the Herefordshire Running Festival on 21 September to raise money for the Women's Section. Read Kate’s inspiring and moving story in her own words:

‘Why am I doing this?’ I ask myself as I watch my feet pounding away beneath me. I am not a natural runner. My feet are made for putting up on a chair as I read a good book not to be strapped into trainers and forced out into the cold and unforgiving world. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to raise money by reading books (if there is a way to do this then I am going to be the very first to put my name down!) so I needed a challenge that would show how much the Women’s Section means to me and how much I am willing to do for the Women’s Section.

Running… I hate running. It takes time, it means being outside and it hurts. Why do people do it? And who in their right mind would run a half marathon? And it was that thought that made me sign up for the Great South Run. I wanted to run the whole thing without stopping. I wanted to work so hard that I could make each and every person who sponsored me know how much it meant to be raising money for such a great charity. And I did work hard. I even took my running kit on holiday with me and had some beautiful bimbles around Centre Parcs. 

And then running became the last thing on my mind. My little boy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on the 25 May this year. Our world turned upside down and for five weeks the only miles I had on my mind were the miles I travelled each day from home to Birmingham Children’s Hospital as at first he got worse and then he started to get better.

At some point during those first weeks I had a message from Chrissie (MWAGs Group Chairman) saying that people from our branch and the Women’s Section were sending their thoughts and love to Oscar. That stuck with me because it was touching that people were willing to be so kind to a boy they had never met.

Our little boy came home and our life settled in to a new sort of normal. I decided to start running again with the intention of still running the Great South Run but the reality of it was that my family wouldn’t be able to be there at the finish line and that broke my heart. So I found the Herefordshire Running Festival, which has a half marathon and a 10k race. I wanted to run the half marathon but it was a month earlier than the Great South Run and three miles longer. With the training time I had lost and the extra needs of a sick child I found it an unrealistic goal without causing myself injury.

So I am now running the 10k. I still plan to run the whole thing to make my sponsors proud and I am thinking of running in a Wonder Woman costume! Let’s face it; any wife or girlfriend of forces personnel is a Wonder Woman in her own right!

So why am I doing this? I am doing it for a charity that cares for its members above all else.

If you would like to sponsor Kate and help her reach her target of £1,000 for the Women’s Section you can do it online here.