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Legion Launches Survey on Service-Related Hearing Problems

Posted: Feb 3, 2014
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Do you have problems hearing or ringing in your ears as a result of your Service in the UK Armed Forces? The Legion would like to hear from you.

Picture by (Photographer) | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2014The Legion works with politicians to improve the lives of the Armed Forces community. They have been campaigning to further the cause of serving personnel, ex-Service men and women and their families since 1921.To inform this campaigning, and to ensure that politicians and civil servants understand the experiences of the Armed Forces community, they carry out research on important issues.

They would like to know more about the experiences of Service personnel and veterans with hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). From research carried out in 2005, they know that ex-Service people are more than three times as likely as people in the general population to have ear complaints or difficulty hearing.

If you have problems hearing and/or tinnitus, and you think it was partially or entirely caused by your Service in the UK Armed Forces, The RBL would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out their survey. All of the answers are multiple choice, but you will have a chance to add comments in some places if you want to.

Your answers will remain completely confidential, and will just be analysed alongside other respondents’ answers (e.g. to identify patterns and trends). You will have the opportunity to provide your contact details at the end, but you don’t have to identify yourself if you don’t want to.

The survey will be open until 4pm on Monday 31st March. Please feel free to share it with anyone who is eligible to fill it in.

Please click here to start the survey.

Picture by (Photographer) | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2014 Used under Open Government Licence.