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Poppy Appeal 2013

Posted: Nov 26, 2013
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Many of our members kindly donated their time and efforts to support the Poppy Appeal 2013. Cakes were baked, poppies were knitted and races were walked, biked and ran in order to raise money to support the welfare work of The Royal British Legion for the Armed Forces community.

Hampshire CountyHampshire County launched the 2013 Poppy Appeal beneath the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Unfortunately the weather didn’t permit the Royal Marines to drop the poppies whilst abseiling down the Tower but the crowd was lucky enough to have The Military Wives Choir to entertain them!

Hilary's Cakes MKHilary Casey of New Bradwell & District Branch in Milton Keynes baked some delicious looking poppy cupcakes and donated all proceeds to the Poppy Appeal. Hilary runs a cake business from home called Hilary’s Cakes MK and has been baking and donating to the Poppy Appeal for the past few years. 

Deb Gore, a member of the MWAG’s, volunteered to help with the Poppy Appeal. She received her own fundraisers kit which included paper poppies, large poppies, car poppies, wristbands, bracelets, pins and crosses, and was also allocated her own fundraising location. She met some fantastic people and had some brilliant social interaction with veterans, widows of service personnel and young children who understood the importance of wearing a poppy. She had a fantastic time selling poppies and will definitely be volunteering next year!

We also spotted an article on the Daily Mail Online about Olive Cooke, a member of Somerset Holding Branch who has been selling poppies for 75 years! Such a wonderful story and one to motivate and inspire us all!

Finally Wendy Evans from Llanfyllin Branch in Wales wrote us this poignant poem about the Poppy Appeal:

Buy a Poppy.

Wear with pride.

For our future,

Young men died.

Many Families are still crying,

Because our Soldiers are still dying.

The Battlefields they may have altered,

But our Troops have never faltered.

It was a high price they had to pay.

So buy a Poppy, Now, Today.

Thank you so much to all our members for their continued dedication and hard work!