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Poppy Lottery Fundraising on the Doorstep

Posted: Oct 22, 2013
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Please be aware of the following RBL campaign that will shortly be launching...

Poppy Lottery Fundraising on the Doorstep; The Royal British Legion's Poppy Lottery team will be visiting homes in specified areas of the UK to introduce the Legion’s fundraising weekly lottery and ask residents to consider playing whilst supporting the vital work of the Legion.

This is a legitimate lottery. The main query is whether the lottery is genuine, which is where positive communications from Branches can allay these concerns. The Poppy Lottery door-to-door team are professional fundraisers who wear branded RBL clothing and have official identification. The fundraisers have registered with the Police in each county and this information should have been cascaded to the local stations. The Legion’s branches are recognised as a strong and trusted part of our community, therefore it is hoped that if a branch is contacted regarding Poppy Lottery they will reassure residents that the programme is a long-term fundraising activity which generates significant benefits to those in need as well as those who play the Lottery.

Further information about this initiative can be gained from the Poppy Lottery Helpline on 01524 752904 or on the website: