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The Road to New York

Posted: Oct 18, 2013
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Dryl WilliamsOn Sunday 3rd November, Daryl Williams, Accounts & Membership Clerk at The Women’s Section will become the first person to run the New York Marathon for us. As the date creeps ever closer we find out how Daryl’s training is going and how he’s feeling about running the Marathon.

For those who would like to support Daryl in this challenge, and help raise money and awareness for the Women’s Section, you can make a donation via Virgin Money Giving. All money raised will directly benefit Armed Forces families in need.

It is a strange feeling knowing race day is near and just over two weeks away!  Gaining entry to New York was a process of entering ballots every year for three years, and then deferring my guaranteed entry from last year to this. 

This race has been a long time in the making for me and it adds to that sense of anticipation as it draws even closer. My training for the New York Marathon has been very challenging and was slightly hampered by a minor injury which I feared would stop me taking part altogether.  After a little time off, cross training and a visit to the doctors I managed to bounce back. 

I have just completed my last long training run of 24 miles before I head off to the Big Apple.  From now until the marathon I “taper” which basically means rest and light runs only in order to build energy for the race day itself. This will be my third Marathon, my first time running abroad and my first trip to the USA. 

My marathon will also be a great way of sightseeing!  The course works its way through the five boroughs of New York, starting at Staten Island, then through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and finishing in Manhattan.    Also perhaps I should mention I am now running a double marathon challenge as I have a guaranteed place in the 2014 London Marathon!  Keep watching this space and will keep you informed of how I do and my progress towards London 2014!!! Wish me luck!!