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London Marathon: Ups and Downs

Posted: Sep 17, 2013
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It’s been a couple of months since we last caught up with Chrissie Cox, Chairman of the Military Wives and Girlfriends Group, and a lot can happen in that time! We catch up with Chrissie to talk life and London Marathon training…

2013 has been full of ups and downs. It started with training for the London Marathon, then having to defer my entry due to illness. Then, 2 weeks after Annual Conference, my 2 year old daughter was very poorly and ended up in intensive care. Those were the longest few days of my life. After that, life calmed down for a short while until we found out that my husband wasn’t being made redundant from the Army and would be posted at some point. Then two weeks ago we were told, on a Friday afternoon, that we would be moving to Essex in 5 weeks time. By the Monday morning it had changed, again, and after a week of not knowing what was going on, we’ve now been told we are staying here until next May.

So now that's the last of wondering whether I’m coming or going (hopefully!), and now I am feeling pretty much back to normal (touch wood), I have splashed out on a treadmill! I’ve wanted one for years and think it will be great for my Marathon training. Earlier in the year I missed out on training when my husband was away for a month as I didn’t have anyone to look after my children. Now that I have a treadmill, I can run until my hearts content whether my husband is there to mind the children or not! I will still have to run outdoors, but I won’t need to train in the wet and cold if I don’t want to… a huge bonus as I hate the rain!! It will also encourage me to keep up my running once the marathon is over.

Right now, as I sit at my laptop, in my pyjamas, the London Marathon seems a long way off. But I am SO excited to complete it. I have, thanks to so many lovely, generous people, raised a phenomenal amount of money so far! The money raised will do so much good for so many and I’d love to be able to thank everyone personally. Instead, I hope you all know that when I do finally cross the finish line in London, after a long hard slog, I’ll be thinking of all those who have sponsored me, and all those we can help with the money raised. The 13th April 2014 will be here before I know it!


To make a donation and support Chrissie’s fundraising efforts, please go online to

All money raised will directly benefit Armed Forces families in need.