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New York Marathon: Time to Get Training!

Posted: Aug 13, 2013
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In three months time Daryl Williams of the Membership Team, will represent the Women’s Section at the New York Marathon. Daryl has set himself the rather ambitious target of running the Marathon in 3 hours 5 minutes in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon. We caught up with him to find out how his training is coming along...

As I write this I am preparing to go out for the first run of my 16 week training plan.  You could say this is the official start of a four month campaign to run the New York Marathon!

I am trying to get hydrated, the temperature is 26° C, and I am waiting until early evening before I attempt my first run.  Training will take me through a change of seasons.  At the beginning of the year I trained to run the London marathon. I began training in winter through to spring, and for New York I will train summer through autumn and into winter.  You have to face a variety of different challenges during the long lonely hours of training from hot to cold, windy and wet, day and night.

There is, for me, a certain level of nervousness. I know from my previous two marathons that over the coming months I will face fatigue, pain, tired muscles, as well as good runs that will boost my fitness and sense of vitality.  It is not all hard slogs and it is important to feel a sense of benefit and satisfaction from the hours of dedication and hard work required to run 26 miles.

I am attempting an advanced plan for the first time and ask myself can I withstand the schedule?  I will be training twice a day on some occasions and fundraising is an added pressure, making completing the marathon even more important.  I ask myself can I achieve my fitness goals and run New York?  This is something I can not be certain of, but it is that uncertainty that provides a real challenge, otherwise running marathons would not be as challenging as they are.

For those who would like to support Daryl, and help raise money and awareness for the Women’s Section, you can make a donation via Virgin Money Giving.

All money raised will directly benefit Armed Forces families in need.