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Chrissie Cox's Marathon Challenge: Take 2!

Posted: Jul 31, 2013
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Back in April 2013, during her training for the London Marathon, Chrissie Cox, Army wife and Chairman of the Military Wives and Girlfriends Group, was taken ill with glandular fever and had to defer her entry. Skip forward a few month and Chrissie is back fighting fit, and starting her training for London Marathon 2014.

In her first blog since having to defer, Chrissie tell us how her training is going…

I can't believe it's been over 3 months since I should have completed the London Marathon 2013. It has flown by, and before I know it I will be at the start line for London Marathon 2014. I will DEFINITELY be there!

I am feeling much better now, and more like my normal self. Touch wood I am well and truly getting over the glandular fever.

I haven't yet been out for a long run, as I thought gentle exercise would ease me back in nicely. I row every week on the Thames, something which I love, and hated having to miss so many sessions when I wasn't well. It's regular exercise which I'm sure will help me in a small way with my marathon training. I hope to be completing those long runs very soon - proudly wearing my Royal British Legion Women's Section t-shirt of course!

To make a donation and support Chrissie’s fundraising efforts, please go online to

All money raised will directly benefit Armed Forces families in need.