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Mandy Poole-Taberner Bungee Jump Update

Posted: May 24, 2013
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Earlier this month, adventurous Standard Bearer, Mandy Poole-Taberner from Hatfield Branch, bravely volunteered to put her neck on the line, and take part in a sponsored bungee jump to raise awareness and funds for the Women’s Section.

Mandy Poole-Taberner Standard BearerThe brainwave to take part in a sponsored bungee jump initially came to Mandy when she noticed the downfall in membership at the Women’s Section. She felt that a bungee jump would be a brilliant, and fun way to raise money and awareness of the organisation. Mandy says, “The Women's Section is a great organisation. It's like one massive family and everyone looks after one another.” She believes that it is important to encourage younger members to join to prevent branches from shutting down, and feels that it is imperative to preserve the support offered, and relationships formed through the Women’s Section.

Mandy describes the bungee jump as the most frightening experience of her life, “The falling was the worst part. It's like a dream of falling, when you wake up before you hit the ground. The first time I bounced back up, I realised I was safe and okay. I laughed so hard that I started to cry!”

Mandy Poole-Taberner bungee jumpingThough Mandy says she will never, ever… ever, do a bungee jump again, she’s pleased to have ticked it off her bucket list, and supported the Women’s Section at the same time. She has also accomplished what she set out to achieve, which was to increase awareness of the Women’s Section and raise lots of money to put towards Welfare Schemes. 

Mandy wishes to thank all those who have supported her, in particular Norton Branch, who were present to offer moral support on the day of the bungee jump. For those who couldn't be there to support Mandy, the whole thing was caught on camera in this terryfing video of the bungee jump!

For those who would like to support Mandy, you can sponsor her via Virgin Money Giving website.