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Chrissie Cox takes on the London Marathon

Posted: Mar 10, 2013
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On Sunday 21st April, Chrissie Cox, Army wife and Chairman of the Military Wives and Girlfriends group, will become the first Women’s Section member to take on the London Marathon.

In her first blog entry before the race, Chrissie tell us how her training is going…

Those of you who read my article in the Winter 2012 Circular will know that I wasn’t particularly enjoying my training for the London Marathon.  A couple of months further on - and I’m still not enjoying it!  I can’t explain how difficult it is some days to drag myself out of the house and go for a run. Because of where I live, I am a bit limited to where I can run – so I more or less have to run around in big circles around the camp. I try to switch off and think about what food I need to buy at the shops or when I last cleaned the filter on the vacuum cleaner….anything to take my mind off the arduous task of running!

I know I won’t be the fastest person to complete the course and I could definitely do with being a bit fitter, but at the moment I think that most of the battle is going on in my head. I go out for a 10 mile run and feel like I’ve done really well - but then when I’m lying in a nice hot bath afterwards, I remember that on the day I’ll still have to run another 16.2 miles after hitting that 10 mile mark. Owch! I definitely think it is going to be mind over matter on the day.

I have picked up one injury so far and hurt the second toe on my right foot - although I do have to admit that I didn’t hurt it training…! I went on a night out with friends and wore uncomfortable 4 inch high heels. Probably not my smartest move when I have a marathon to run next month. They did look ever so pretty though!! I am now on a self imposed high heel ban until after the marathon…!

My trainers have taken an absolute pounding and I really need to invest in some decent running socks – my pretty socks with pink toes and heels are apparently not marathon running attire!  I did have an exciting parcel delivered on Friday – training t-shirts to wear when I go out running! The t-shirts have really cheered me up and I hope you all like them too.  They are very comfy and nice and warm in this cold weather.  As much as I like to think that I run past people and all they see is a blur because I’m going so fast, I know that I actually plod along and give dog walkers/people riding horses/driving cars a chance to read the back of my t-shirt, and perhaps when they get home they will go on the internet and look up the RBLWS website.  Who knows, maybe they will even decide to donate on my fundraising page.  The donations are going well so far although I still have a way to go until I reach my target but so many people have been so generous, I really am touched.  Thank you to everyone who has managed to donate so far, it really is keeping me going through all the cold, rainy training days, knowing that I am doing this all for a really good cause.

To make a donation and support Chrissie’s fundraising efforts, please go online to  

All money raised will directly benefit Armed Forces families in need.