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The Royal British Bake Off: Winning Anniversary Cake fit for The Queen

Posted: Nov 22, 2017
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To celebrate Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th Wedding Anniversary, bakers from the Women’s Section of The Royal British Legion have competed to present the palace with a platinum anniversary cake.

The competition began in May and has been a right royal affair across the UK with local and regional finals taking place. Only four bakers made it to today’s finale where Le Cordon Bleu London's Head of Patisserie, Chef Julie Walsh judged the creations.

The cakes were transported from all corners of the country with finalists from Derbyshire, Hampshire, Essex and Cornwall. Each cake had to adhere by strict rules; to be 8" in size, covered in fondant icing with blue and white as the main colours.

Chef Julie Walsh was marking them on appearance, taste and texture, something Julie’s familiar with since she’s recently been tasting up to 350 cakes at events like Cake International.

Alongside her team at Le Cordon Bleu London, she was also behind The Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday cake in 2000 and recently spent months creating a replica of the original Royal Wedding Cake from the special day in 1947 which was 9ft high and weighed 500lb which is about to go on display in a special exhibition.

After some detailed judging, Women’s Section Member Trudi Thorne from Launceston was crowned the winner. Trudi often bakes for friends and family but never thought her cake would make it to the palace she said "The process has been easy because cakes for me is just a lovely hobby" and speaking about taking part she said "I’ve loved every minute of it."


Chef Julie found something unique in each design but when Trudi heard her fruit cake was the winning one she said "I couldn't actually believe it, I'm absolutely delighted."

Shortly after the announcement, Women’s Section Chairman Pat Chrimes accompanied Trudi and the cake to the Royal kitchen. The cake design includes a horseshoe to represent The Queen’s interest in horses and an anchor for the Prince Philip’s affiliation with The Royal Navy.

The runner-up cakes from the final were delivered to The Royal Hospital Chelsea for the Chelsea Pensioners to enjoy.