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Posted: Apr 29, 2016
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Update on proposed changes to the Women’s Section

Following last week’s Women’s Section conference, there appears to be much confusion amongst many of the delegates that attended. Subsequently, that confusion has spread to the wider Women’s Section membership as inaccurate information has been passed on through word of mouth or social media on the precise outcomes of the discussions that took place.

I have been advised that two motions of urgency were passed. The first, carried by a small majority, urged further negotiations with the Board of Trustees but the second, which was carried by a large majority, requested the Board of Trustees to disband the Women’s Section with effect from 30th September 2016. I have now received official notification from the Chairman of the Women’s Section which indicates that the second motion is to be given precedence. The decision to disband requires the approval of the Board of Trustees and also, because of the effect on the Royal Charter, the approval of both the Legion’s Annual Conference and the Privy Council.

I have also received a number of direct communications from Women’s Section members requesting that provision be made to ensure they are able to integrate with the Legion on 1st October 2016 as they wish to continue undertaking their important charitable work in support of beneficiaries.

The Legion’s Annual Conference takes place in May and there are a number of motions and debates on the subject of changes to the Women’s Section. Therefore, it would not be prudent to try and provide a detailed solution at this stage. Once these motions have been heard and their outcomes have been reached, the Board of Trustees will endeavour to make a decision on the future of the Women’s Section as soon as possible bearing in mind the wishes of many Women’s Section members to remain an integral part of The Royal British Legion.

In the meantime, I am preparing a detailed summary to the Board of Trustees prior to Annual Conference so that all developments since our last meeting can be discussed in full, prior to the start of Conference.

What is certain at this time is that the Board of Trustees will do its utmost to ensure those members that do wish to continue supporting our beneficiaries into the future will be able to do so.

John Crisford
National Chairman
The Royal British Legion