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enduRings - In support of the Women's Section

Posted: Dec 1, 2015
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Serving in southern Afghanistan, I saw a soldier lose his finger when he got his wedding ring caught in a humvee door. The condition is called 'de-gloving' or 'ring-avulsion'...and it wasn't a pleasant sight.

Then, when I was doing follow up security courses in the UK, participants would often lose or scratch their expensive jewellery in exercises or get upset when their valuables were stolen in 'kidnap' scenarios.

On top of all that, it often struck me how hard it hit my wife and my colleagues' wives when we followed security advice, and removed our wedding rings whilst on deployment. The wedding rings were a health and safety risk; they made you stand out; they made you a target. But an emotional bond was being broken for the sake of our jobs - and there had to be a better way.

It gave my family the idea to start a company to produce safe, stretchable, silicone replacement jewellery to overcome these difficulties. We called them 'enduRings' so that wearers could always show their enduring commitment to a loved one or a cause, regardless of the environment they were operating in.

Given the success of wrist-bands as charity fundraising merchandise, we also thought that we could support great causes and be donating proceeds from each sale to charity. So far, we've partnered with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help fight breast cancer and Combat Stress to help our veterans. Now, we're very proud to support the Women’s Section to provide even more support to the entire Armed Forces community.

EnduRings come in five colours, in both men's and women's ranges. They're new, novel and safe and make the perfect gift for the soldier who has everything. EnduRings are not just for those who are married, you can wear one to support great causes, such as the Women’s Section and there are also matching kids' rings available upon request.

We're looking forward to working closely with the Women’s Section and thank you for all the great work that you do.

Best wishes,
John (Founder of enduRings)

John worked as a Military Liaison Officer in Afghanistan and is going to donate a third of charitable donations from the sale of enduRings to the welfare work of the Women’s Section. If you would like your own enduRing they are on special offer this Christmas for half price at £5.99. Visit for details.