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RBL Festival of Remembrance Tickets

Date posted: Jul 20, 2018 : Category: Events

The way members obtain tickets for the Festival of Remembrance has changed. Members will now be able to buy up to two tickets each themselves for both Afternoon and Evening performances.

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RBL Women's Section AGM

Date posted: Mar 1, 2018 : Category: Events

The Women's Section AGM took place on the 1st February at the Harrogate Convention Centre

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The Royal British Bake Off: Winning Anniversary Cake fit for The Queen

Date posted: Nov 22, 2017 : Category: Events

The Cake Competition to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th Wedding Anniversary was held on 20th November 2017

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RBL Women's Section AGM 2018

Date posted: Sep 28, 2017 : Category: Events


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GP90 Update - 19th July 2017

Date posted: Jul 19, 2017 : Category: Events

RBL logoAn update for the Great Pilgrimage 90 in 2018

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Newsletter - June 2017

Date posted: Jun 12, 2017 : Category: Publications

WS LogoIn Touch - Issue 8, June 2017

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