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Local Branch Membership

What is Local Branch Membership and who is it for?

Local Branch Membership is designed for women who would like to play an active role in our organisation and are able to commit the time to attend regular meetings and participate in fundraising activities. It’s a great opportunity to meet other women in your local community, have a bit of fun and fundraise for a fantastic cause.

As a local Branch Member, you’ll enjoy a varied programme organised by each Branch and every member can contribute ideas to the branch’s programme of speakers, activities and fundraising events.

What you’ll get as a Local Branch Member

On becoming a member you’ll receive a membership card and your local Branch Secretary will give you details of branch activities you may want to get involved with.

As a local branch member, you’ll also be entitled to attend the Women's Section Conference which brings together branch delegates from all over the country to review the work of the organisation and vote on the resolutions that form the backbone of Women’s Section policy and welfare. You will also be able to attend the Royal British Legion Annual Conference.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for tickets to the Legion’s most sought after event, the annual Festival of Remembrance.

Other opportunities include taking part in local/national fundraising events (including the November Poppy Appeal), training and qualifying as a Standard Bearer, Parade Marshal or Caseworker, and developing news skills to take on Branch and County Committee positions.

Membership Fee

Local Branch membership costs £10.00 for the 2017/18 membership year and £14.00 for 2018/19. There may also be an additional charge to join the local club (please contact your local branch or county office for confirmation). The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Local Branch Membership is payable either directly to your branch, or to Head Office. If paying directly to the branch you join, you can pay by cheque, or cash. If you pay directly to Head Office, you can pay by cheque.

Interested in joining? Just follow the steps below...

  1. Use our Local Branch Finder to locate your nearest branch. Just type in your county and a map with all your local branches will be displayed along with the contact details of the Branch Representative based at Head Office.
  2. Go to Become a Member on the left-hand side of the page and complete the online membership application form specifying the local branch you’d like to join. Your details will then be passed on to the Branch Secretary who will contact you with more information on times/dates of their next branch meeting. Should you wish to join after attending, the Branch Secretary will provide you with the necessary forms.
  3. Visit your branch in person. You can then complete an application form and make payment, and your new branch will forward these on to Head Office.

Your new membership card will be sent out to your Branch once Head Office has received the application and payment.

Can’t find a local branch? Create your own instead!

If in the event there isn't a branch in your area and you know a group of women who are keen to get involved, why don't you consider starting up a new branch yourselves? Click here for more information.