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If welfare is the heart of our organisation, our members are its lifeblood.  We depend on their numerical strength and fundraising activity to finance our welfare schemes, so it’s only with their on-going support and generosity that we can continue to help those in need.

We currently have in the order of 30,000 members and 750 branches nationwide and overseas making us one of the largest female membership organisations in the UK.

Our members meet regularly though our network of branches to socialise with other women in their local community, take part in a variety of activities and fundraise together for a worthwhile cause - and the results they achieve are fantastic.  In the last year alone, our members raised over £370,000 for the Welfare Benevolent Fund and over £100,000 for the Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal – an incredible achievement!

Our members are diverse and cover a range of backgrounds and ages - from 16 all the way up to 104!