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The Women’s Section Allowance

The Women’s Section Allowance (WSA) is a means-tested grant which is expressly intended to help pay for daily living expenses. It is available to men and women aged 60 and above who meet the WSA eligibility requirements.   

In addition to the allowance, the following grants are also extended to WSA beneficiaries:

Birthday Scheme

A birthday card together with a small gift is sent to beneficiaries.

Christmas Fund

A Christmas card and small monetary gift is sent to beneficiaries to assist with expenditure over the Christmas period.

Television Licence

WSA beneficiaries between the ages of 60-75 can have their TV licence paid.

Cold weather supplement

At a time of extreme extended cold weather, a financial supplement is offered to beneficiaries towards additional heating expenses.

To qualify for the Women’s Section Allowance, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 60 and above (we can be flexible with age in some cases so please contact the office for further advice)
  • Be ex-Service personnel or the spouse/partner of an ex-Serviceman or woman (this includes widows, widowers and divorced spouses who have not re-married and not in another cohabitating relationship)*
  • Live alone
  • On a low disposable income and savings of no more than £10,000
  • In receipt of all statutory benefit entitlement (pension/income support, pension credits, housing benefit, council tax etc)

Please Note: We are unable to assist individuals in receipt of any other annuity from other charitable organisations.

*For exact definitions, please view the document Beneficiary Definitions PDF (184 kb)

How to apply

If you think you meet the above criteria and you’d like to apply to this scheme, please contact the Royal British Legion on 0808 802 8080 or email them through their online contact form.