Susan Bowker


Susan Bowker is an ex-Servicewoman and mother of two. After a difficult separation from her husband, Susan received financial support from The Women’s Section through The Children’s Allowance and President’s Award Scheme, enabling her to deal with the financial burden and emotional strain of raising her two children alone.

“I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for the help you have given to me and my family over many years, culminating in my daughter’s graduation this July.

The support you have given me has helped me cope through much financial hardship. With The Children's Allowance and gift tokens sent each Christmas and birthday, I was able to help them grow into two wonderful young adults. You sent us on holiday in the summer and we fell in love with Hafan Y Mor in North Wales, thanks to you our first holiday as a family together, over 11 years ago now. We were so privileged to have your help and however many letters I have written to convey my heart felt thanks, they will never be enough to express what it has all meant to me.

Man and a Women

Three years ago you accepted my application for my daughter, Laura, to receive a scholarship award which paid for a laptop, printer and expensive text books that she needed for the start of her Human Biology course at Loughborough University. I could never have paid for these for her as money has never been spare for such items. It meant she could start her course with everything she needed and I am happy to say she did not take this award for granted. She worked hard over her three years at Loughborough and graduated in July 2011 with a First Class Honours Degree in Human Biology and four weeks later she started her new job as a DNA analyst at a laboratory in Abingdon, near Oxford.

My son Anton has left college with a distinction in HND Public Services but is struggling to find a job or an apprenticeship at the moment. Time will tell where his future lies, but the important fact is that without your incredible help over all these years, I am certain that it would have been so much harder for both of my children to achieve what they have so far.

You have given our family the means and the time to grow and survive within an uncertain climate. You gave me hope and the strength to work hard and bring my children up alone in the best way possible to ensure they had a bright future to look forward too. I guess it is up to them now as young adults to carry on to grow and take with them the knowledge that there is always someone who cares, always someone who needs caring for and always the need to help others when you can.

I am so proud and so very grateful yet humbled by your amazing kindness. You have to know what an incredible job you do and how much happiness and courage you give to people who feel alone and unable to cope at certain times in their lives.”

Mrs Susan Bowker