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Josh Hodge

Josh Hodge is a recipient of the President’s Awards Scheme and received an educational scholarship to enable him to study at university. He is currently studying for a Masters Degree in ‘Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate’ at the University of Warwick and is in the process of applying for PhD. His father served in the Prince’s of Wales Royal Regiment for 10 years.

“I would like to begin by extending my dearest thanks to everyone at the Royal British Legion's Women's Section.  The President’s Award Scholarship has assisted me immensely and given me the opportunity to experience university to the fullest, both academically and personally.

Whilst the scholarship enabled me to buy extra resources for my studies, it contributed most significantly to my accommodation and tuition fees. As a result, I was able to volunteer my free time, which would've been otherwise spent holding down a job to fund my studies, to assist a PhD student and explore the world of academia and research, which I am now actively pursuing as a career. I was also able to devote more of my time to subjects that did not come so naturally but were essential for taking my academic interests further. Without the scholarship I may never have the discovered this path and could have easily finished my undergraduate degree without knowing what I wanted to do. Aside my academic studies, I also used my free time to participate in several university sports and societies. I was elected to serve on the executive committee for both the Badminton Club and the Glee Society and both these additional responsibilities have decidedly improved my employability.

Thank you once again to everyone in the Women’s Section; I am extremely grateful for the assistance I received and I can safely say I have made the most of it.”