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Glen Haggan


Glen Haggan had always dreamed of joining the British Army, and as a young father at the age of 30, he finally began his initial training with the Royal Logistic Corps.

Glen was 11 weeks into his training when tragically, his wife died from a brain haemorrhage.

Glen holding photoAfter being forced to leave his job in order to care for his five young boys, Glen contacted the Women’s Section and has been assisted both financially and emotionally, enabling him to deal the loss of his wife and the burden of raising his children alone.

The Women’s Section has helped Glen to access benefits he was entitled to as a widower, such as essential school clothing provided by The Children’s Allowance Scheme. With our continued support, Glen is hoping to return to work on a full time basis once his youngest child reaches primary school age.

“The Legion has made a big difference to my life.  The support I’ve recieved has enabled me to better deal with the grief of losing Leanne and, in turn, means I can help my children to work through their grief and to be strong for them.

“I don’t think I would have been able to cope mentally with everything had the Women’s Section not been there to take off some of the financial burden I found myself in.”