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Anna Dorner


I would like to thank The Women’s Section for all the support you have given me since I started my training at Medical School. I am currently in the penultimate year of a 5 year course, which, after another two years, will enable be to become a fully qualified doctor; a choice rooted in a search for academic challenge combined with a very ‘real world’ career.  I enjoy meeting and caring for people and find the prospect of using my skills to the betterment of society a very humbling experience.

The President’s Award Scholarship has given me such a great opportunity.  Medical School is expensive not just because of university top-up fees but also due to the many hidden costs.  It is two years longer than most courses and we all need special equipment (like stethoscopes) not to mention a professional wardrobe for ward rounds and up to date textbooks.  The President’s Award has taken care of this financial burden and enabled me to thrust myself into my studies and concentrate on the fascinating journey to becoming a doctor.

I am very grateful to you all,

Thank you,


Anna has been a recipient of the President’s Award Scholarship since September 2000.  Anna was raised by her mother and her stepfather, Mr Peter Dorner, who served in The Royal Air Force for 10 years.