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William Ashworth

William Ashworth  enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corp in 1962. After 12 years of service, he left the Army and headed to Zambia to work as a Medic for a local charity. Several years later, he returned to England to take up the position of General Manager at Mais House, one of the Royal British Legion’s Care Homes, where he met his wife Jillian, also a Nurse. 

Manager Bill Ashworth with members of the care staff at the nursing station

They worked together side by side until 2001 William was forced to retire after developing Osteoporosis. His situation soon deteriorated and his wife Jillian had no option but to leave her job and become his carer. 

In November 2011, Jillian tragically passed away leaving William bereft with no support or care. Within six months of her death, William was also diagnosed with Cancer, making his situation all the more precarious. As a former Legion employee, William called on our services and is now in receipt of The Women’s Section Allowance, enabling to pay for daily care and assistance around the house.

William saddly passed away in April 2013 aged 76, he is survived by one daughter and one son.