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We have several membership options available to suite your needs and location. Select your chosen membership below and click 'continue' to complete our online application form.

Local Branch and Youth Membership

The membership year runs from 1 October-30 September

  • Local Branch (£14.00 per year): for those who would like an active role, fundraising and meeting with other women in their area.
  • Youth Membership (free): for girls aged of 12 to 17 who would like to join in the activities of their local branch and will be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

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National Branch and Military Wives & Girlfriends Group Membership

£14.00 per year 1 October-30 September

  • National Branch (also known as Pall Mall): for those who are unable to attend meetings and fundraise, but would like to support our work and be kept up to date with news and activities.
  • Military Wives & Girlfriends Group: for wives, girlfriends and partners of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.